Leaving TruckersMP

This is a copy of what I posted on the TruckersMP forum when I announced I was leaving.

So, I’ve been around here for a while now. I joined the team back in December 2014, as a forum moderator. Since then, I’ve been a game moderator, community manager, vice project manager, and now a developer.

I’ve read a lot of forum posts, spent hours in game watching over Europoort, hours responding to and managing both staff and the community, and last but not least, there have been many hours writing code, testing code, setting up servers, etc. I’ve implemented Two Factor Authentication, the TruckersMP OAuth2 Provider, recruitment system, and more. I’ve written code that has executed on several hundred thousand computers, and code that has scaled to handle many requests and users at once.

I’ve learned a lot from the work I’ve done here, and from all the other awesome developers and team members.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve decided to leave TruckersMP for a while. I don’t know if or when I return, but I know I need some time away from it and to work on my own ideas and projects.

And I am taking a lot of experience with me, which I am already using in my life, work, and other projects.